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Beijing Sino-Dental Highlights


Endless Dentists, Beautiful Booth
At the 23rd Beijing Sino-dental exhibition, it is so amazing for the lots of customers who visited Bondent exhibition area.
Many people including international customers and professional doctors are interested in the product which on display.

Product Show
There are 6 kinds of product display on the show, including Bomesin dental chair, Doctor Smile Laser, Dr.Clear Aligenr Invisible orthodontic, Leica, Semmor microscopes and VDW Endo series.

Many customers came to the Bondent booth as promised, for the product what they really want to know and try. The sales do the brief product introduction to the customers with full preparation. It is unbelievable that all of them are so patient and professional.

I'm So High

Bondent has prepared beautiful gifts for dentists on the booth. It's really fantastic! The staffs,who are in charge of the exchange prizes are surrounded by crowded customers...

Tomorrow, small fair continues to wait for you in the booth! Right! The title is our booth number! K95-k100 k95-k100 k95-k100 say the important things three times!

June 9, 2018, Beijing National Conference Center three floor 301 conference room 9:00-12:00, "The special session of the Chinese Stomatological society "has been held successfully.

The interview by the Chinese stomatological association committee, director of the private dental medical branch He Zhou meticulously, invited domestic famous experts and entrepreneurs in combination with own experience from the oral cavity doctor doctors working environment, professional quality, organization structure and team management, clinic and accepts interview process and service innovation, and many other aspects.

The speech mainly talked about what dentals concern, the scene is full of people.

Frank Tian, Bondent Group founder, was invited as guest speakers of this academic exchanges, starting from the theme of "How the Dental Industrial Power Help to Private Dentals" for the first time on public, attracting many dentists' deeply concern.

13:30 p.m. June 9th, the"Micro Endodontic Therapy Cases”meeting will be held on time at the 309A conference room of Beijing National Conference Center.

At the scene, 11 experts of high rank made a wonderful comment on the diagnosis and treatment presented by the most representative cases of micro-root canal.

As one of the co-organizers of this conference, Bondent Group also received the honor certificate from the organizer.

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