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Ten Semorr Microscopes Officially Entered Anhui Key Training Center


On April 8, 2018, Ten Semorr Microscopes Entered the HaoDe Dental Clinic in Lu'an, Anhui Province .

It is reported that HaoDe dental clinic was created by doctor Chen Yonghong, the former professor of Lu'an Medical School. The clinic is located in the intersection of West Anhui Boulevard and Zhengyang road in Lu'an, Anhui Province, and having an area of more than 700 square meters. The clinic has invested CAD/CAM system, CBCT, dental treatment system, and 10 sets of Semorr microscopes. Cooperating with Bondent Academy of Bondent Group, HaoDe has become one of the key micro endodotic training center of stomatology in Anhui.

Bondent Academy has set up 10 training centers throughout the country, and plans to help 1,000 micro-dentists through personal training by experts.

To better build up the micro-training center, HaoDe dental clinic imported 10 sets of Semorr microscopes for dentists to learn and experience.

Professor Chen Yonghong said that the establishment of the training center aims to promote the development of microscopic image teaching and research in Anhui, improve the application of optical microscopy, advance the plurality and diversity of the field based on the results of microscopic image research, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation of dentists in various places, so as to better serve the patients.

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