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Bondent 2017 Summary and Commendation Conference & 2018 Annual Spring Meeting


The Bondent Dental Group 2017 Summary and Commendation Conference on “Achieve Win-win through Data Sharing and Compliance Management ” and 2018 Annual Spring Meeting were successfully held in Jinyuan Hall, Mingdu Fengze Hotel in Changzhou on January 29, 2018. All staff members participated in the grand ceremony and enjoyed a happy gathering, and the meeting concluded satisfactorily. In this annual meeting, Bondent had a great honor to have the presence of many distinguished guests and a dozen partners from various provinces and cities. This occasion had provided a valuable chance for both Bondent and the present guests to promote bilateral exchange and cooperation.

The 2017 Summary and Commendation Conference began at 8:30 AM. Chairman Tian Fangjun delivered an in-depth work report around the theme “New era, New thinking” on the 9 years’ development course of Bondent since its establishment in 2009, past achievements and experiences, as well as the 2018-2020 developing strategies of the group.

CEO Wang Lixin made a comprehensive introduction of 2018 strategic planning on markets and sales.

Vice president Shi Yacheng analyzed the compliance management for sustainable development of the group.

Professor Zhai Jiman, vice president of MBA Education Center in China Agricultural University, discussed and shared how to attract talents to promote the development of enterprises.

HR director Zhu Yujing, shared the Talent Development Program of Bondent in 2018 based on the concept of “people-oriented”.

Vice president of operations Chen Chunhong, together with colleagues in the marketing department, shared past experience and future strategies of marketing in 2018 to other staff members and partners in a shared business community.

Manager of after-sale service center Wang Xinyi discussed how after-sale service systems have provided more quality service for clients.

With the efforts of all staff members, Bondent Dental Group has risen to a new high with growing influence in 2017. All the achievements of Bondent were attributed to the contribution of every member of the company. In view of this, Bondent commended outstanding employees such as Bondent stars and sales elites in 2017 and encourages all staff to learn from them. Bondent believe as always that they will work hard to go to higher places. The top leaders of Bondent awarded trophies and certificates to the winners in great hope of their remaining modest and setting a example in the new year with new contributions.

2017 Annual Bondent Stars

2017 Annual Sales Elites: Chen Xiulan (Fujian Bondent ), Fang Lei (Beijing Bondent ), Song Binbin (Guangdong Bondent ). Sales champion: Chen Xiulan. Congratulations to all of them!

2017 Annual Best Sales Team: VDW business unit. They deserve to be congratulated!

2017 Annual Progress Award went to regional manager Wang Guipeng (Guangdong Bondent), awarded by CEO Wang Lixin.

2017 Annual Special Contribution Award went to the Ziyang project team for their remarkable contributions in the construction of Bondent Ziyang Industrial Park.

Summary and commendation conference drew a conclusion with a group photo of all staff of Bondent.

At 17:00 PM, staff members left their names and promises to Bondent on the signature wall, the theme of which was “ten years later, what I have done for Bondent.”

At 18:00 PM, the 2018 annual meeting of “Achieve Win-win through Data Sharing and Compliance Management” officially opened with a video titled Promises on the way ahead, which recorded the efforts and promises of departments and subsidiaries to Bondent Dental Group over the past year.

Chairman Mr. Tian delivered a speech to express his gratitude for everyone’s efforts and contributions in the past year and announced the opening of the evening party.

At 18:30 PM, the exciting and unforgettable song and dance performances of Hello, My Country given by CFO Hao Mingjie and all members in the financial department had aroused people’s enthusiasm and won the first prize.

Members from other departments also brought various splendid performances, such as dancing, sketches, magic shows, singing, etc. Every member of Bondent is full of talent and vitality and Bondent has provided a great platform for them to show their talents and personality.

The presence of star Mr. Luo Yingjun and Miss Yang Guang from Taiwan and Hong Kong made the evening party more attractive.

Rounds of lotteries raised the evening party to its climax. All participants were enjoying the happiness of the party with sweet songs, hearty applause and joyful cheers lingering around every corner of the hall.

The annual meeting ended in a harmonious, warm and happy atmosphere and presented the vitality, solidarity, and enterprise of the staff. In 2017, we have made concerted efforts to work hard with shared achievements. In 2018, we will be full of confidence to achieve consistent goals and look forward to a better future of Bondent.

Bondent, we are proud of you!

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