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Warm Congratulations: Perfect Ending of the Chinese Private Dental Elites Summit, the Private Dental Clinic Branch of Chinese Stomatological Association and the Eleventh Chinese Private Dental Annual Meeting!

The Chinese Private Dental Elites Summit and the Third Session of the Fourth Committee of the Private Dental Clinic Branch of the Chinese Stomatological Association were grandly held at the international conference center in Taiyuan, Shanxi province from May 9 to May 12.

Private dental annual meeting, a distinguished party gathering with more than three thousand dentists.

On May 11, the eleventh Chinese Private Dental Annual Meeting of the Chinese Stomatological Association was held at international conference center in Shanxi, which was sponsored by the private dental clinic branch of the Chinese Stomatological Association and organized by Shanxi Provincial Stomatological Association, Shanxi Provincial Stomatological Association, Taiyuan Stomatological Association, and Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions.

It was reported that over 3000 dentists participated in this meeting. The final contest of general cases display in 2018 was also held during the annual meeting, which was sponsored by the Chinese Stomatological Association.

2 brandnew dental chairs were donated by Bondent Group for supporting the meeting.

In order to support the competition, Bondent Dental Group provided Bomesin series E-200 dental chairs, which is expected to be listed in July 2018, to the competition as the second prize award for free. It offers the award-winning dentists a more relaxed and comfortable diagnosis and treatment process in advance. Bondent expects to contribute a humble effort in the development of private stomatology in China.

This general cases display for appraisal is of great significance to the development of private stomatology. It not only improves the clinical medical level of dentists in private oral institutions, but also shows the prospect of the development of the dental clinic technology industry. While enriching dentists' experience in diagnosis and treatment, it also promotes the improvement of clinical technology. Bondent has been providing more opportunities and choices for the rapid growth and development of dentists in China.

From the education and training of dentists, the introductions of cutting-edge technology from abroad, to domestic self-development and manufacturing, Bondent is committed to building a new and healthy dental clinic ecosystem through industry and the internet to improve the dental clinic technology and industrial level in China and better help dentists to succeed.

Highlighting private characteristics and implementing high concepts

This annual meeting emphasized that the integration of different disciplines is a multi-disciplinary, multi-layered and high-level academic event. Besides the final of the 2018 general cases display for appraisal, the conference also carried out twenty-one topics, five excellent courses, three public speeches and two conference keynotes involving clinical academy and management.

At the exclusive conference of management during the annual meeting, the common misunderstandings of salary performance in dental clinics was explained by Zhai Jiman, the deputy director of the MBA Education Center of China Agricultural University as well as professor of organization & management and of the MBA course in East China University of Science and Technology, and New Huadu Business School. Through abundant cases analysis, new ideas and methods of management were provided for dentists in private oral institutions who not only conduct dental therapy but also managed clinics. Zhai's remarks, like a sweet spring, brought hope to private dental administrators.

Insist on the original desire aspiration and exploit to forge ahead

Chinese private stomatology has been a developing and growing trend in recent years, bringing vigorous impetus to the dental medical industry and accumulating traction for a "Healthy China". Bondent will always be with you along the way as your most powerful backer of health investment and cause.

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