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China South Dental Show--Bomesin Series Dental Chair Release


The 23th South China International Oral Cavity Exhibition is opening on April 4, 2018! Although held during holidays, it attracts a great number of people with undiminished enthusiasm!

Bomesin Series Dental Chair, which has undergone 2 years of research and development, will make its first public appearance in this exciting exhibition! Our stand is 14.1-B08!

At 10:00 AM on 4th April, Bo Meixing Series finally unveils its mysterious mask, and says hi to all friends!

Based on the principle of “making dentists happier,” 7 types of dental chairs from the Bo Meixing series are designed with the concept of “safer and more comfortable” as shown in this exhibition. Many dentists asked for further consultation and to personally experience the convenience and comfort of the super low chair, 90° rotating chair, horizontal compensation mechanism and suspension design.

Bondent Dental Group is an oral integrated service platform integrating R&D of oral medical equipment, production, sales, and clinical training. Besides the product release of Bo Meixing series, Bondent also brings other oral medical products for dentists. We strive to facilitate dentists’ success and safeguard the oral health of Chinese public.

CBCT Bondream 3D-1010

Leading Oral Microscope Leica

China's independently developed Microscope Semorr

Italy Premium Magnifier UNIVET

Italy DoctorSmile Laser

Ident Professional Dental Management Software and Clearbos focusing on invisible orthodontic treatment ...are also here for your choosing!

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