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Academic Hot-spot| Successful Holding of the First Phase of the Fifth Session of Advanced Series Courses on Periodontal Treatment and Implantation


On March 13-15, 2018, Professor Homlay Wang first phase of the fifth session of advanced coursed on periodontal treatment and implantation was concluded at the Bondent Group headquarters.

This course lasted for three days; theoretical courses were arranged on March 13-14, and practical courses on March 15.

The scene of the theoretical courses. The scene of the practical courses

This year is the fifth year that Bondent has worked in conjunction with Professor Wang Honglie to carry out advanced periodontal treatment and implantation courses. In the past five years, Bondent and Professor Hom-lay Wang have worked hard regardless of cost, and have trained over 1,000 Chinese dentists and gained a solid reputation in the academic field.

Students who have attended periodontal treatment and implantation courses lectured by Professor Hom-lay Wang are also quite active. Some students have even taken part in the course for several years, and said that there would be a new insight every time.

Upcoming series courses for periodontal implantation in 2018:

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