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Academic Hot-spot| Warmly Celebrate the Successful Completion of the Xiamen Vertical Bone Augmentation Course!


On March 16-18, 2018, a vertical bone augmentation course sponsored by Bondent Group was successfully held in Xiamen Stomatological Hospital.

This course was designed by the global vertical bone master Dr. Uban, and Professor Homlay Wang provided the simultaneous interpretation.

The course lasted for 3 days. The content of the first day was the introduction of improved bone regeneration technique, and interpretation of how to use biological basis, surgical flap raising skills and other techniques to achieve a long-term and stable curative effect.

On the second day, Dr. Urban, together with Professor Hom-lay Wang, prepared a demonstration of the vertical bone augmentation (live surgery), which was performed by Dr. Urban and explained by Professor Hom-lay Wang.

Meanwhile, Bondent conducted a live broadcast on the highlights of the live surgery. More than 2,000 dentists watched the live broadcast online.

The main content of the third day was a practical course.

After the training, Dr. Urban and Professor Wang gave certificates to students who participated in theoretical courses and practical courses at the same time, and had a group photo taken to mark the occasion.

Over 120 dentists from all over the country took part in this training, and all dentists have expressed their beliefs in benefits for this course. Dr. Li from Guangzhou said: "My trip here is quite productive. I should be able to blaze the trail for a successful Long March if I roll up my sleeves and work hard!"

During the training, all students were highly motivated and asked timely questions. In the group of students, everyone was also eager to exchange information with one another, and there was a strong atmosphere of academic camaraderie in the interaction between Dr. Urban and Professor Wang, even during the tea break.

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