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2017 Bondent Dental Group"Breakthrough●Transformation" Series C Financing • Innovative Products Launch and Seminar on Development of Dental


In reviewing the big events in 2017, what do you think about if time fast forwards to January 1, 2018?

Inauguration of Donald Trump as the president of the United States on January, 20?

Impeachment of Park Geun hye on March 10, as the first president in South Korean history to be impeached?

The Belt and Road Initiative Forum for International Cooperation on May 14-15?

Or, Wolf Warriors II as the first and only Chinese film ever to be included in the list of 100 all-time highest-grossing films worldwide?

You may think about all of the above......

However, are they closely related to your health?

At the National Health Conference on August 19-20, 2016, President Xi outlined in an important speech that “without national health, we will not have a moderately prosperous society”.

Subsequently, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the outline of "Healthy China 2030" and put forward the principle of “integrating health into all policies.”

Since then, China's health industry has been undergoing tremendous changes, and dental health care has been embracing the trend of reform and innovation due to its close connection with people’s daily life. In the face of a new industrial ecology, how does China’s dental care industry find its direction of future development?

Bondent invites you to attend “Breakthrough●Transformation”Series C Financing · Innovative Products Launch & Seminar on Development of Dental Distributors on September 24, 2017.

In 2009, a young man created Bondent for a simple dream—to devote himself to the dental health and beauty of Chinese public. He not only introduced advanced international dental medical devices, including Leica M320 from Germany, and DoctorSmile D5 Diode from Italy......

He also emphasized the research and development of Bondent, and the excellence of the quality of products such as Bondream-CBCT and Yixing dental chair which have won the trust of customers.

Bondent have organized various courses such as advanced courses on periodontal treatment and implantation, training courses for orthodontic academicians and courses on laser technology with leading universities and organizations of the world including the University of Michigan, the University of Edinburgh and International Society for Dental Laser Applications (SOLA). Bondent is leading the industry for its professionalism and future-mindedness.

For all of the above, Bondent has won top investment funds from companies such as IDG and Ji Feng capital,

Bondent has created a research and development base in China's first dental industry chain base in Ziyang, Sichuan.

On September, 24, 2017, Bondent Dental Group will launch a series C round financing, and announce the establishment of strategic partnership with Qiming Venture Partners, SH PHARMA Health-care Investment Fund and Sunshine Insurance Group Co., Ltd., and make contributions to the industrial blueprint construction.

Disparities in the development of oral industry between China and international developed countries are presented as:

The backwardness in dental medical technology;

The backwardness in service consciousness of dental medicine;

The backwardness in the dental industry level and supply chain system.

Based on the forwardness in the above aspects, Bondent Dental Group will introduce 4 innovative products of “Mei, Li, Xing and Xiang” and discuss the future development of dental care industry with industry giants, leading consultation institutions, as well as the media on September, 24.

In the afternoon, a seminar on development of dental distributors is to be held. Bondent Dental Group will initiate a discussion with several industrial specialists on:

Five problems and breakthrough of traditional distributors in oral care industry;

Ways to build up a healthy and sustainable dental care ecological community with a shared future.

Details of “Breakthrough●Transformation”Series C Financing · Innovative Products Launch & Seminar on Development of Dental Distributors of Bondent Dental Group

Venue: Shanghai Jinmao Junyue Hotel

Time: September, 24, 2017


8:30 Admission

8:45 Launch Ceremony

9:30 Series C Round Financing of Bondent Dental Group

10:30 New Products Release of “Mei, Li, Xing and Xiang”

13:30 Breakthrough—Discussion on the breakthrough of traditional distributors in dental care industry

15:00 Transformation—Discussion on the establishment of dental care ecological community with a

shared future.

Tel: 18759165369

“Breakthrough●Transformation” Bondent Dental Group looks forward to your presence!

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