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Excellent optical quality,

high brightness and contrast,

long depth of field and large field of view

In 2018, bondent group launched 3 series of integrated dental devices (7 in total)

that are designed and manufactured with international advanced designs in mind and high standards,

in the hope to create the best dental chair products in China.

Comfort and safety are highlighted throughout the whole product design and manufacturing process.

Sichuan Bondent Dental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 in the “Dental Valley of China”

- Ziyang Dental Industrial Park.

As a subsidiary of bondent, it aims to the production and sales of internationally advanced digital intelligent dental comprehensive treatment platform.
The team of the company has several decades of industry experience and

has completed the development of new product series from the perspective of patient comfort and safety.

The international leading "intelligent, surpassing" man-machine engineering design, it has its own patent.

Changzhou Boen Zhongding Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012 and is a project of Changzhou City Talents Project.

The company is a controlled subsidiary of Shanghai Bondent Technology Co., Ltd. and is mainly positioned as follows:

it develops and manufactures dental medical devices that meet the growing developmental trends of the global dental medical device industry.

The company currently has 3,000 square meters of standardized factory buildings and production rates that meet those standards,

with a complete array of testing and storage equipment.

It has reached the conditions for the development, production of three types of medical equipment.

Our mission is to redefine the ecology of China's dental medical landscape and help doctors achieve more profits.

Our success is helped along by Bondent, so that Chinese patients have access to better dental care and with that a better,

more beautiful life. Our vision is to build a thriving community in the business of dental medicine

and strive unrelentingly to make Bondent a respected leading international dental medical service provider.

Yiya Software Technology Co., Ltd. (Yiya) is a company that provides information management software (Ident)

and online operation services for orthodontic institutions. Using dental medical information management systems (HIS) as its core,

the company provides services that include oral digital development

(X-ray equipment, orthodontic measurement analysis, CAD/CAM, dental implant design),

medical insurance, mobile Internet applications (with apps such as WeChat),

and real-time data communication.

Yiya provides a comprehensive set of online and dental digital integrated solutions for orthodontic institutions.

Yiya has a highly efficient team dealing with software development, sales, and service, and has serviced more than 30,000 clients.

Invisible orthodontics treatment

VisibleBeauty Experience

Dr. Clear Aligner is a proficient supplier of orthodontic solutions.

We continue to innovate around the needs of dentists and patients,

open up to partners, and build one-to-one solutions in areas such as dental health,

orthodontics and cloud computing.

We are committed to providing better invisible correction solutions for users around the world,

continuously improving patient experience and creating maximum value for customers.

Sichuan Bondent Dental Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 in the “Dental Valley of China”

- Ziyang Dental Industrial Park. In the same year, it established 4 production-oriented subsidiaries.

The “Dental Valley of China” aims to create first-rate, world-renowned full-scale dental equipment

and materials industry base, and aims to open up a “Silicon Valley" for China's dental industry.

As of now, it has already established a state of the art "one base and five centers." It will give full

play to the collective effect of talents, industries, and funds in the entire industry chain of dental

equipment materials, and create a dental industrial base with a full range of dental services that

can serve both China and the world at large.

As the first company to enter the park, Shanghai Bondent established the Sichuan Bondent Dental

Technology Co., Ltd. with support and attention from both provincial and city levels of governnance,

and has rapidly grown into both a role model for the park and a well-known local company.

As an important manufacturing base for Bondent's goals for the next five years, Sichuan Bondent

will focus on the following bases:

1. Inpatient information integration and Internet operations;

2. Dental outpatient clinical planning and dental infrastructure manufacturing;

3 Digital dental treatment platforms;

4. Root canal treatment solutions;

5. Digital cloud platform invisible correction solution;

6. Implants, precision medical digital navigation and CAD/CAM digital restoration systems.

Sichuan Bondent uses both traditional industry and the Internet to create a new, healthy dental medical

ecosystem, and enhances China's oral medical technology and industry by helping dentists succeed

and protecting the dental health of 1.3 billion Chinese.

Sichuan Hongzheng Bondent Dental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ziyang Dental Industrial Park

of the Dental Valley of China. It is a subsidiary of the Bondent Dental Group. The company's team

has accumulated solid experience and technology in the dental implant systems industry for more

than a decade. In order to provide excellent product quality and service, we continue to focus on

being professional, honest, enthusiastic, and speedy, zeroing in on low-key and pragmatic

management, and constantly striving to maintain the quality of our products in order to provide

our customers a full range of services.

The company’s product quality meets the requirements of ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2016, and

GMP specifications. Our product designs have won a number of patents, and we have also cooperated

with well-known universities in the United States and clinicians in Taiwan to produce dental implants

as well as other orthodontic and surgery instruments.

Sichuan Weisimei Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ziyang Dental Industrial Park in the

“Dental Valley of China.” It is an enterprise of the Bondent Dental Group and is committed to

the development of advanced root canal treatment and measuring instruments, scalers, as well

as equipment R&D, production and sales.

The company has obtained CE certification and its products are exported to the international market.

Sichuan Bomeiqi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ziyang Dental Industrial Park in the

“Dental Valley of China.” It is an enterprise owned by Bondent Dental Group and is committed

to the development, production, and sales of personalized and customized digital invisible

correction solutions.

The company's team has accumulated more than 10 years of industry experience, has developed

important core software technologies, and owns several patents. It is a leading force of digita

l correction solutions.

United Dental Group integrates the production and sales of dental medical devices and consumables.

It is committed to providing professional, high quality products with reasonable prices for the

global medical market. It is known globally as professional, innovative, strict and high quality,

with a leading position in the industry.

The company was established in 2012 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. The production

plant is located in the beautiful Changzhou Xitai Lake Technology Industrial Park, Wujin District

in Changzhou, Jiangsu. We have a professional R&D team and hundreds of highly qualified employees,

and are constantly introducing advanced technologies, equipment, and improvements to the

production process, in order to stay ahead of the game in the industry.

The sales company is located in the beautiful coastal city of Jinshan Shihua, with a young

professional sales team for both domestic marketing and exports. Main products include: full sets

of orthodontic products (teeth wire, belt loops, buccal tubes, invisible wire, brackets, etc.), root

canal products (mechanical rake system, hand rake system) root canal motor and other products.

We are always striving to develop new products, and our product sales have been ranked at the

forefront of the domestic industry, and have been exported to the United States, South Korea,

India, Iran, Argentina, Chile and other countries.

At the same time, we are also constantly expanding our sales network. We will continue to uphold

our duty and vision in servicing dentists, and provide our customers with quality dental products,

technical support, as well as timely after-sales service in order to promote the prosperity and

development of China's oral health care business.



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