Mastering in Soft Tissue Grafts around natural dentition and implants

Hom-Lay Wang, DDS., MSD., Ph D

Mastering in Soft Tissue Grafts around natural dentition and implants


July 3rd,2018

Speakers: Hom-Lay Wang, DDS., MSD., Ph D.

Endowed Collegiate Professor of Periodontics

Professor and Director of Graduate Periodontics

Diplomate and Former Director & Chair, American Board of Periodontology

Speakers: Edward (Shih-Chang) Tseng, DDS.

Chairman of Eternity Advanced Osseointegration Centre

Diplomate and Former President of Taiwan Academy of Osseointegration

Educational objectives:

• Learn how to select soft tissue grafting technique based upon proposed decision tree

• Know how to perform predictable soft tissue grafting procedures

• Understand what new in periodontal regeneration

Lecture Outline

0830 – 900 hrs: Registration and pick up handouts

0900 – 1030 hrs: Classification of soft tissue graft and Decision trees for soft tissue graft (Dr. Wang)

1030 – 1100 hrs: Break

1100 – 1230 hrs: Harvesting different soft tissue graft and different techniques (e.g., CAF, Tunnel..etc) illustrated

1230 – 1330 hrs: Lunch Break

1330 – 1430 hrs: Ocean 11 basic soft tissue graft principle and techniques (Dr. Tseng)

1430 – 1500 hrs: Break

1500 -1630 hrs Ocean 12 & 13 advances soft tissue manipulations around dental implants (Dr. Tseng)

1630 – 1645 hrs: Conclusions and summary

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