Group Introduction

Bondent dental group is an integrated service platform for stomatological institutions. From the detal's education and training, the introduction of advanced technology abroa...

Group Introduction

2009 Bondent Was Founded in Beijing, China Exclusive distributor of Leica Dental Microscope in China Mr. Frank Tian Founder and Chairman Bondent Dental Group.
2012 Established Bon Zhong Ding Technology Co. Our first R&D and manufacturing capability in China.
2013 Bondent Moved to Shanghai Successfully raised first round finance from IDG Capital.
2014 Formed Semorr Medical Technology Corp. Acquired UDG Started business expansion in China.
2015 Bondent won the Gold Medal at the Second “China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.
2016 Acquired invisible aligner company Dr. Clear Acquired Yi-Xin dental unit company.
2018 Merged Yi-Xin dental unit company with Bomesin and established dental unit factory in Ziyang Dental Valley.







  • Our Team

    CEO – Lishin Wang From R&D scientist to EVP of Asia Pacific, Lishin brings in more than 30 years of multinational working experiences. Lishin holds an MS degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA degree from The Wharton School.
    COO – Ivan Chen Having graduated from Nanjing University and MBA from JiaoTon University.
    Senior VP of Finance – Rockwell Shi (Co-founder) Rockwell has over 20 years of experience in the relevant field. He holds an MBA degree and CPA qualification.
    Senior VP and GM of Semorr – Rellow Li (Co-founder) Rellow has over 20 years of medical & pharmaceutical business experiences in multinational companies.
    Senior VP of Production – Zhang Dong Dong has more than 20 years of general management experiences with hands on skills in operation and supply chain management.

  • A Full Scope of Services to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

    Five Triangle “High Speed Rails” Service Network Using the high speed rails, our service engineers can deliver on site services within 6 hours. Our 24/7 400- service hotline increases customer satisfaction The SARRS based service management system provides effective communication channels among customers, distributors, salespersons, and the field service engineers.

  • Based on cutting-edge dental technologies, work together to build a multi-level academic system

    Bondent Group has worked closely with the University of Michigan, the University of Connecticut, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Varese, and numerous first-class dental colleges both in China and abroad and formed academic training partnerships with them.

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